CPU holders make everyday life easier for all of us with a d

CPU Holders

 With CPU Holders from JB Medico

 your customer can enjoy a more comfortable and ergonomic workday with all their work tools at their fingertips.

At the same time, your customer will get a workplace with a simple design, which allows employees to focus on work activities entirely.

CPU holders for every need – table like a wall!

No restrictions on CPU sizes For standing and landscape CPU.

CPU holders make everyday life easier for all of us with a desktop PC, as it can reach a higher altitude, so it’s easy to move around.

They help to protect their backs, and at the same time, they scratch the floor instead of if the computer should stand on it.

We have computer hangers for all needs. CPU holders are intended for mounting.

If choosing a CPU-holder or laptop holder from JB Medico, you can expect stability for your computer.

Our assortment consists of wall-mounted CPU-holder, drawer look-a-like laptop holder, among other solutions.
Unaffected by which solution is chosen, you can expect more free floor space due to installation either underneath the desktop, on the wall, or a third option.

You can see our different solutions below.

Made of necessity – designed to last.

JB-Medico makes a difference in the design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for:
Healthcare, food and pharmaceutical industry
Hospitals, medical centres, chiropractors and dentists
Physiotherapists, schools and laboratory

JB-Medico adapts solutions to all clinical departments.

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Horizontal Thin Client

Discreet and stable horizontal CPU holds for narrow client. Mounted directly in the worktop. Easy height / width adjustment.
Price kr.560.00