If choosing a CPU-holder from JB Medico, you can expect stability for your computer. Our assortment consists of wall-mounted CPU-holder, drawer look-a-like laptop holder, among other solutions. Unaffected by which solution that is chosen, you can expect more free floor space due to installation either being underneath the desktop, on the wall, or a third option. You can see our different solutions below. CPU-HOLDER 2001 JB Medico has a broad array of CPU-holders, which all have an elegant expression due to the simple construction. Our CPU-holder 2001 collection consists of three versions, - CPU-holder 2001, CPU-holder 2001, mini, and CPU-holder 2001, micro, which individually fits different sizes of computers. All three CPU-holders have heigh and width adjustment to keep the computer most carefully. The collection maintains some add-ons such as swivel bracket and sliding/swivel bracket. These generate excellently access to the computer due to the full rotation recommendable for computers with USBs on top


Horizontal Thin Client

Discreet and stable horizontal CPU holds for narrow client. Mounted directly in the worktop. Easy height / width adjustment.
Price kr560.00