Klinion Protection, nitrile glove, powder-free, white, medium

JB 50-402-22

About the product
Medical examination gloves produced so that the glove can be both thin and supple without compromising on breakage and tensile strength.
The thin glove ensures optimum finger feeling in care procedures. The glove has nubbed fingertips that ensure a good grip and is polymer-coated for easier engagement.

The glove is particularly suitable for care, where you do not know which substances/creams you come into contact with, as it has been tested for breakthroughs of a large number of chemical substances.
The glove is approved for food use and is virus penetration tested according to ASTM F1671 and meets the draft and tensile strength requirements set in the standard for medical examination gloves EN 455 1-4.
The glove has been tested according to EN 374-3 chemical penetration times.

For single use

Physical Properties:
Tear strength (N) before ageing: min. 6 N
Tear strength (N) after ageing: min. 6 N

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Klinion Protection, nitrile glove, powder-free, white, medium.
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