Wet Wipe, MAXI, disinfection, 43 x 30 cm


Disposable cloths with chlorine, water and soap
Wet Wipe Disinfection disposable wipes are impregnated with powdered chlorine. The package contains a cracking bag with water and soap. When the bag is broken, the water / soap solution runs out into the cloths which are ready for use after 7 minutes.
With Wet Wipe Disinfection with chlorine, water and soap you get an optimal and simple disinfection compared to traditional disinfection methods.

H2O & gt; 97.00%
Detergent & lt; 0.50%
Active chlorine 1000-1200 ppm

Effectively disinfects against Clostridium difficile, all known virus families, bacteria, spores, mold and yeast fungi as well as encapsulated viruses (HIV and Hepatitis B). Used for disinfecting equipment, fixtures and contact points in patients in isolation and on all surfaces that can withstand chlorine. 10 minute contact time.

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Wet Wipe, MAXI, disinfection with chlorine, water and soap, 43 x 30 cm.
24 packs = 1 carton (5 packs (1 pack).

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