JB-medico has a selection of multi-gloves and multi-fittings.

Multi bracket

JB-medico has a variety of multi bracket.
Together with leading specialists, we ensure our customers the most qualitative, hygienic and flexible product programs for working environments in hospitals and clinics, etc.
Made of necessity - developed to last

Universal clamp for medical rails, round and square tubes, with eight drill holes on each side. JB Medico develops the multibracket in designing a universal bracket suitable for mounting on various medical rails, round and square tubes.
The bracket is in anodised aluminium with JB-threaded holes, which fits a variety of JB-Medico’s other products.

Multibracket with 2xØ6...

JB 158-03-18

Multibracket with 2xØ6 clearance holes. Fit from 16-41mm with fixing device, Ø18mm hole.
Price kr545.00

Multibracket with a...

JB 158-00-163

Multibracket with a T-slot bracket can be turned upside down, fit from 16-41mm
Price kr395.00