Accessories for Sharps Container Brackets

An overview of accessories for Sharps Container Brackets

Designed so it works with the equipment at the hospitals e.g.
P/N JB 47-00-00 Wall bracket Aluminium
P/N JB 120-00-00 Rail clamp with one ball clap and T-track
P/N JB 146-00-00 Rail clamp with T-track EU DIN standard
P/N JB 158-00-163 Multiclaw with a T-slot
P/N JB 820-625-163 GCX-rail bracket with a T-slot

It can be installed without tools and may be washed and disinfected in the instrument dishwasher.

When purchasing the above bracket, you can attach it to
1. IV-pole / IV-Stands 
2. Medical Equipment Rails
3. Columns
Wall, Syringe & Anesthesia Tables, or Trolleys

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Healthcare, food and pharmaceutical industry
Hospitals, medical centres, chiropractors and dentists
Physiotherapists, schools and laboratory

Multibracket with a...

JB 158-00-163

Multibracket with a T-slot bracket can be turned upside down, fit from 16-41 mm
Price kr.365.00

GCX-Accessory Mounts,...

JB 820-625-06

GCX-Accessory Mounts, rail bracket in aluminium with holes prepared for hanging
Price kr.250.00