Severo Electric pill crusher v3.1

Severo Electric Pill Crusher v3.1
Severo pill crusher is fast and efficient for crushing medicines. The staff does not inhale the dust from the crushed pills, and they do not have to use force to crush the pills. Instead, the pills are crushed directly into a Severo disposable cup with 6-8 pills inserted into the machine, and a Severo Grinding Sheets is put on.
Medication Administration
Then the machine closes, and 8 seconds later, the pills are crushed and ready for use. After crushing, you can quickly and safely transport the medicine by using the Severo lidsSome pills can be very hard, and then it may require extra choking, but it's just one more push of the button. The pad means that the medicine is kept down in the cup, so there is no cleaning between the crushers: The machine is relatively quiet and does not take up much space. In addition, it is mobile as it has a rechargeable battery. 
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