Terms and conditions

JB-Medico addresses all private and public companies and not private individuals.


Items usually are delivered from 1-5 business days after order receipt. Products to be manufactured.


All our prices are incl. Possibly. State taxes but excl. VAT.
Orders recorded are at the prices applicable at the time of delivery.
We are subject to price adjustments and changes in product specifications, tax changes, and print and image errors.
Payment made upon transfer to Bank: Spar Nord Bank A/S Konto No. 9004 / 1120732826 IBAN-nr.: DK239004112073282 SWIFT-kode: SPNODK22
Shipping costs are from a minimum of 122 DDK. Danish kroner and is excl. VAT.


Any delivery defects should be notified to our customer service immediately. +45 70 20 58 26 or info@jbmedico.com


Upon receiving goods from JB-Medico Aps, the customer must check that the receiver is per the order and according to the attached delivery note.
Incorrect delivery must be reported to JB-Medico Aps immediately so that the exchange can take place.
All returns must be agreed with the JB-Medico Aps expedition to allocate resources to receive the goods.
Otherwise, JB-Medico Aps may refuse reception.
Returns must be in intact and undamaged original packaging.
Also, the original packaging must be protected by outer packaging during return transport.
The goods must be cleaned.
There must be correspondence showing what was returned, a reason for the return, and to whom he is agreed.
Transport damage must be reported immediately upon receipt to the carrier and JB-Medico Aps.
A note must be given on the consignment note.
In the wrong order, goods are returned according to the following schedule for the customer’s shipping bill.
Supplies and targeted products, especially withdrawn/made for a customer, are not returned.
If the item is returned, see above, JB-Medico Aps will credit the customer as follows:
Customers 0 – 13 months 75% Minus cost to return freight.

They are made of necessity – designed to last.
Sustainable cardboard, our packaging is primarily recycled from other companies where it would otherwise be discarded!

JB-Medico makes a difference in the design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for:
Healthcare, food and pharmaceutical industry
Hospitals, medical centres, chiropractors and dentists
Physiotherapists, schools and laboratory

JB-Medico adapts solutions to all clinical departments.