TENTE Swivel castors

TENTE Swivel Castors 
JB Medico now sells a selection of Tente wheels that we have used on our products for many years. Mobility solutions from the world's leading supplier Tente. JB Medico has chosen Tente as a supplier of wheels for our rolling stock, e.g. IV and infusion racks. With quiet wheels, we contribute to our customers 'desire for patients' well-being and improvement. At the same time, our design and product development ensure that the nursing staff works safely and gently for the back.
But which solution is best for you?
With Tente's wheel range sales that we use ourselves, JB Medico can easily vouch for the products. Ex. Levina Swivel castor with full brake 100 mm Stainless steel Swivel castor with total brake, high-quality plastic fork, all metal parts made of stainless steel Swivel ring with double ball ring. Centre hole Wheel rims: Polypropylene Wheelbase: TENTEprene, grey thermoplastic rubber, non-slip Stainless steel DIN ball bearing.
Or: Swivel castors 75 mm. Swivel castors, Fork and casters in high-quality plastic, integrated wire catcher, and snap-lock for furniture wheel attachment. Wheel rims: Polypropylene Wheelbase: TENTEprene, grey thermoplastic rubber, non-slip DIN ball bearing with wire catch wheel.
Examples of JB Medico program of accessories
1. Pushing the handle 2. Tente Swivel castors 3. Bottle holder for IV Pole 4. Oxygen and gas bottle holders
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