All IV-Stands

All JB-Medico racks are manufactured in Denmark and are made of stainless steel, which can withstand a high load. Infusion racks mounted on the market's best wheels from Tente are anti-static and meet all known hygiene requirements. In addition, many models can be adjusted in height with the unique "One Hand" system that allows easy operation.

An overview of accessories for IV Poles.
Different types of hospital equipment are fastened using a Multibracket on rail, which provides fast, secure and flexible attachment. Unfortunately, Rail Clamps have several different accessories standards, and the variants are often incompatible.

You can also choose between different. For example, the IV Pole / Oxygen and gas bottle holders can be mounted and dismounted using tools and washed and disinfected in an instrument dishwasher.

Made of necessity – designed to lastJB-Medico adapts solutions to all clinical departments.