Medical Rail Clamps for Scandinavian 10x30 mm. standard

Medical Rail Clamps for Scandinavian 10x30 mm. standard.
Our Medical rail Clamps in this category only fit SCANDINAVIAN 10x30 mm. medical rails. Medical Rail clamps are used for the wall or bedside panel equipment rail.

Rail Accessories.
JB Medico can help to ensure that the work processes around your patients are the best available. For example, our rail accessories offer Quickstop hinged arms that can be secured and released with just one quick hand movement. JB Medico intelligent accessories for your medical rail system are securely mounted, helping to prevent tripping and spillage and ensuring safe interaction with all of your medical supplies. Our clamps only suit Duoflex / Modura & Uniflex rails (Scandinavian Standard 10x30mm). There are several different standards of claws, and the different variants are often incompatible.

Different hospital equipment types are fastened using a clamp on the rail, which provides fast, secure and flexible attachment. 

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