Wire Products from JB Medico

Wire Products

JB-Medico leads to a large selection of wire products.

Our wire baskets
The product range within our wire baskets ranges widely.
By default, we offer wire baskets for storing small items and conical baskets of various sizes (6 litres and 25 litres).

We manufacture wire baskets  according to customer wishes and needs to be adapted to:

1. Standard rails clamps with t-tracks
2. Carts
3. Wall bracket with T-track

Made of necessity – designed to last.

Rail-Mounted Storage Baskets
Rail-Mounted Storage Baskets are ideal for storing a variety of items in your healthcare facility.
With the appropriate adapter, JB medico Storage Baskets can be used in any facility area to provide an aesthetically pleasing equipment management solution.

Multibracket with a...

JB 158-00-163

Multibracket with a T-slot bracket can be turned upside down, fit from 16-41 mm
Price kr.395.00

T-slot bracket for...

JB 163-00-01

T-slot bracket for multi-bracket. Suitable for 1 piece. multibracket
Price kr.45.00

Wet Wipe Wall Mount,...

JB 16-05-41-02

We can offer two types of suspension in acid-proof stainless steel for Wet Wipe Maxi Disinfecting and Universal Cloths in...
Price kr.174.00