School Stands, 15 connectors

With a Skolestandere, it is easy to create a working environment where there ain't power sockets enough. If there is an area at the school where the students would like to work, but there are not enough sockets for charging everyone's tablets, computers or mobile phones, then a "Power Tower" or "Charging Tower" is an obvious solution. Our Charging Towers are supplied with space for 15 devices and they can be delivered with or without wheels - depending on the desire or the need for mobility.

Charging tower or Power Tower with 15 connectors:

The Power Tower comes as standard with 15 sockets, placed on 3 sides. With a handle on the top, the stand is very easy to control when and if, for example, the working environment needs to be moved elsewhere. The handle on the back is intended for cable winding. The Charging Tower is supplied with an 8 meter power cable. Available with DK plugs or Schuko plugs. The Power Tower is made out of stainless steel and is therefore both stable and very robust.

The school stand can be supplied as standing or on wheels. 
As standard, the Power Tower has 15 sockets on three sides. Handles for control and winding the 8-meter cable and supplied with Schuko plugs.