JB-Medico sells magnifier lighting from Glamox Luxo.
Modern industries and laboratories are a combination of comfort and functionality. JB Medico supplies lamps to intensive care units, examination rooms, industry, laboratories and pharmacies.
Laboratories and pharmacies Laboratories need a carefully designed lighting plan to provide the workspace for demanding sampling and analysis. In addition, regular office work tasks like report writing and communication take place. Recessed clean‐room luminaires provide a good tool for all lab activities. The visually demanding tasks at the laboratory bench require some of the highest recommended light levels in healthcare buildings. The general lighting should have an illumination level of 500 lux for laboratories. But these light levels must be provided from a low-glare and shadow-free light system.

Medical rail clamps
For the attachment of hospital equipment, medical rail clamps are used for the equipment rail located on the wall or bedside panel.
One Standard is DIN EU 10X25 mm. Medical Rails DIN is an abbreviation of Deutsches Institut für Normung.  JB-Medico can deliver several options for attaching hospital equipment to the bedside panel or the walls.
Another standard JB Medico produces Scandinavian 10x30 mm for Medical Rails. Our clamps suit Duoflex / Modura & Uniflex rails (Scandinavian Standard 10x30mm). In addition, various types of hospital equipment are attached to the rail using: Claws sliding clamps.

Circus LED Powerful LED...

Circus LED

Circus LED. Circus LED has a highly flexible shade neck. Steel arm with aluminium head. Shade neck cover in rubber.
Price kr.4,760.00

KFM LED ESD, developed...


Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! Steel arm, shade in aluminium. Colour: White with black details.
Price kr.3,657.00

LFM LED G2 is a...


Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get quotes! LFM LED is a lightweight magnifier with all-metal construction, LED light sources,...
Price kr.2,032.00

Wave LED is a magnifier...

Wave LED

Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! Wave LED offers shadow-free magnification with light from both sides and...
Price kr.4,128.00