JB-Medico sells magnifier lighting from Glamox Luxo.
Modern industries and laboratories are a combination of comfort and functionality. JB Medico supplies lamps to intensive care units, examination rooms, industry, laboratories and pharmacies.

Laboratories and pharmacies:

These lamps are particularly popular with laboratory technicians, researchers, pharmacists, dentists and patients with poor eyesight. A magnifying lamp provides precise and magnified light and often has adjustable arms and brightness controls. The integrated magnifier improves vision and makes small details clearer. The magnifying lamp is an important tool for increased precision and working comfort. They are almost indispensable for those of us who require or appreciate the details in the work.

Circus LED Powerful LED...

Circus LED

Circus LED. Circus LED has a highly flexible shade neck. Steel arm with aluminium head. Shade neck cover in rubber.
Price kr.4,760.00

KFM LED ESD, developed...


Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! Steel arm, shade in aluminium. Colour: White with black details.
Price kr.3,657.00

LFM LED G2 is a...


Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get quotes! LFM LED is a lightweight magnifier with all-metal construction, LED light sources,...
Price kr.2,032.00

Wave LED is a magnifier...

Wave LED

Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! Wave LED offers shadow-free magnification with light from both sides and...
Price kr.4,128.00