Oxygen and gas bottle holders

Oxygen cylinder holders.
Bottle holders for medical gases. New holders are made of stainless steel with a clamping screw.

Various fittings can be purchased to attach the bottles to
columns, beds, wheelchairs, walkers, div. carts, medical- or Equipment Rail's, walls or IV Poles.

All of JB-Medico's stands and columns are manufactured in Denmark and stainless steel.
Stainless steel pipe fittings for installation at multi-screen workplaces. Medical rail clamps enable the installation of IT and medicotechnical monitors close to the patient. Handle for locking rotation: Table fittings: Screen fittings. Columns Wall bracket

Examples of JB Medico program of accessories
1. Pushing the handle 2. Tente Swivel castors 3. Bottle holder for IV Pole 4. Oxygen and gas bottle holders.