Dispenser for Surgery And Face Mask

Dispenser for surgical masks and mouth straps.
JB-Medico's stainless steel dispensers can withstand autoclaving and fit 90 per cent of all Surgery And Face Mask boxes. The masks are always in the right place and protected from falling particles. The product is hygienic so that bacterial growth is avoided. The dispensers are easy to mount, operate, clean and refill.

It is the optimal solution for several industries;
Hospitals, nursing homes, the food industry, agriculture, dental clinics etc. 

Our hygiene products range widely, among other things:
Soap and alcohol dispensers. / Drip Tray. / Accessories Soap and alcohol dispenser. / Dispensers for gloves and wet wipes. / Surgery mask and mouth strap. / Dispenser for disposable items. / Disposables. / Face Mask. / Hand Sanitizer. / Sharp Container. / Wet wipes. / Medication Administration. / Sharp Container Holders
Delivery time, safety, quality, design, function and flexibility.