Sharp Container Bins for sharp, pointed objects such needles

Sharp Container

Sharp Container Bins for sharp, pointed objects such as needles
We offer Sharp Container developed in collaboration with Danish hospitals for disposal of syringes, needles etc. Find Sharp Container here; we have Sharp Container for the clinic, practice or home use.

The needle box holders in 2021
All canisters are manufactured and designed in Denmark and made of sturdy stainless steel in many different sizes and shapes.

You have the option of setting up the boxes in different ways so that you are correctly secured without the risk of tipping.
Here you will find racks, establishes and supports to attach needle boxes on the wall rails, walls, columns, charts or tables.
JB-Medico's Needle Box holders in stainless steel used in most Danish hospitals and hospitals
They fit into the hospitals' systems; you can remove them without tools and put them from the cart to the wall.
Find the holder that fits you, round, square or oval. Most are in stock and can be delivered quickly.


JB-Medico offers several solutions when it comes to making it easy to use!
Wet Wipes
Face Mask
Hand Sanitiser
Sharps Container
Accessory to electric pill crusher

JB-Medico offers several accessory solutions to most disposals!

Our hygiene products range widely, among other things:
Soap and alcohol dispenser.
Drip Tray.
Accessories Soap and alcohol dispenser.
Dispensers for gloves and wet wipes.
Surgery mask and mouth strap.
Dispenser for disposable items.
Face Mask.
Hand Sanitizer.
Sharp Container.
Wet wipes.
Medication Administration.
Sharp Container Holders

Delivery time, safety, quality, design, function and flexibility.

Made of necessity – designed to last.

JB-Medico makes a difference in the design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for:
Healthcare, food and pharmaceutical industry
Hospitals, medical centres, chiropractors and dentists
Physiotherapists, schools and laboratory

JB-Medico adapts solutions to all clinical departments.

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1.7 litre USON Sharps...

JB 31-521-70-01

This USON 1,7 litre Sharp Containers is designed for hospitals and health care institutions to dispose of syringes, scalpels...
Price kr.15.00