Energy- Laser

The special properties of laser light are very different from ordinary light, as laser light can change the chemical structure of cells and tissues in ways that ordinary light cannot. Laser light photons have properties that accelerate cell growth and healing processes. The absorbed energy is converted into free oxygen, stimulating respiration and increasing ATP production in the mitochondria.


Our L2000 Pro laser is used as laser therapy for humans and animals. In the animal world, this laser is the most used in equestrian sports; in the event of injuries to the horse, such as lacerations, wounds and muscle damage, this laser heals faster.


Fibrous tears - Tennis elbow - Tendon disorders - Carpal tunnel syndrome - Rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis - Frozen shoulder - Herniated disc - Ligament and cruciate ligament injuries - Sprain - Broken bones.


With over 1 million PBM (Photo Bio Modulation) lasers sold for pain management, we have developed the world's smallest, patented, simple and medically approved laser. This is the only laser approved for home use.

In Denmark, many physiotherapists, chiropractors, doctors, veterinarians and dentists use laser light as part of their treatment. This is due to the fact that more and more practitioners have realized the many possibilities that laser light offers and that today there are over 6,000 published scientific studies and trials from all over the world that show that laser light has a significant effect on a number of ailments and treatments.

Note: No sales to private individuals.