Accessories Multi bracket

Accessories for multi brackets.

JB Medico has developed the multibracket by designing a universal bracket suitable for mounting round and square tubes on various medical rails.
This bracket is in anodised aluminium with JB-threaded holes, which fits various of JB-Medico’s other products.

Multibracket, aluminium, fit from 16-41 mm. The bracket can connect anywhere.

Multibrackets can be used in many places and for many different solutions:
1. As a table bracket, e.g. sharp, safe boxes.
2. Pipe fittings: Square profiles or around pipes.
3. E.g. Medico equipment quickly mounted on one of the two flat threaded hole patterns.
4. Medical rails in both variants 10x30 and 10x25 mm. standard

T-track brackets for the multi-claw holes only fit there.