Examination Lamps

JB-Medico sells Examination Lamps from Glamox Luxo.
Modern patient rooms are a combination of comfort and functionality. JB Medico supplies lamps to intensive care units, examination rooms and patient rooms.
Intensive care and examination rooms
are usually the entry point for a critically ill or injured patient into the hospital. Visual examination plays a significant role in deciding the proper treatment. This demands a high level of general illumination and good colour rendering.
Patient rooms The modern patient room combines comfort and functionality. On the one hand, patients should be made to feel comfortable in the room, and on the other hand. Hospital staff must have an adequate lighting system, giving them an unobstructed view of the patient and any technical equipment. A rail wall-mounted, personal luminaire fulfils all of these requirements. It ensures a comfortable, glare-free lighting area that a night light facility can complement. Modern designs reduce dust exposure to a minimum, and smooth covers are easy to clean.
Medical rail clamps
For the attachment of hospital equipment, medical rail clamps are used for the equipment rail located on the wall or bedside panel.
One Standard is DIN EU 10X25 mm. Medical Rails DIN is an abbreviation of Deutsches Institut für Normung.  JB-Medico can deliver several options for attaching hospital equipment to the bedside panel or the walls.
Another standard JB Medico produces Scandinavian 10x30 mm for Medical Rails. Our clamps suit Duoflex / Modura & Uniflex rails (Scandinavian Standard 10x30mm). In addition, various types of hospital equipment are attached to the rail using: Claws sliding clamps.

Carelite LED - New...

Carelite LED

The new Carelite is a natural development of our original patient’s bedhead luminaire.
Price kr.3,824.00

LHH LED - New generation...

LHH LED - Ny generation

The new LHH is a natural development of our original medical examination luminaire, which is in daily use by medical...
Price kr.5,879.00