Soap and alcohol dispenser

JB-Medico's dispenser solution for soap and alcohol is hygienic and can be operated with the elbow.
The product is hygienic so that bacterial growth is avoided. The dispensers are easy to mount, operate, clean and refill.

It is the optimal solution for several industries:

Hospitals, nursing homes, the food industry, agriculture, dental clinics etc. Soap and alcohol dispenser. / Drip Tray. / Accessories Soap and alcohol dispenser. / Dispensers for gloves and wet wipes. / Surgery mask and mouth strap. / Dispenser for disposable items. / Disposables. / Face Mask. / Hand Sanitizer. / Sharp Container. / Wet wipes. / Medication Administration. / Sharp Container Holders

Delivery time, safety, quality, design, function and flexibility.
Made of necessity – designed to last.

JB-Medico makes a difference in the design and advice of hygienic suspension solutions for:
Healthcare/ Food and the pharmaceutical industry / Hospitals / Medical centres / Chiropractors and dentists / Physiotherapists / Schools and laboratory

JB-Medico adapts solutions to all clinical departments

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Soap and alcohol...

JB 06-21-30

Soap and alcohol dispenser for bottles, 14 cm arm, Elbow attendant
Price kr.85.00
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Drip Tray, Soap & Alcohol...

JB 71-72-51

Drip Tray, Soap & Alcohol Wire Dispensers Ø60 mm, in stainless steel Alcohol & Soap Dispenser, 1-litre Bags, 10 cm Arm
Price kr.85.00
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Soap and alcohol...

JB 06-21-40

Soap and alcohol dispenser for stand-back bottles, 10 cm arm.  Elbow attendant
Price kr.85.00

Multibracket with a...

JB 158-00-163

Multibracket with a T-slot bracket can be turned upside down, fit from 16-41 mm
Price kr.365.00

Cover and lock for wire...

JB 25-06-20

Cover and lock for Hand Sanitizer wire Dispenser in polished  or painted white stainless steel
Price kr.699.00
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Soap and alcohol...

JB 06-21-50

Soap and alcohol dispenser for bottles, 6 cm arm, Stainless Steel
Price kr.85.00
  • -kr.100.00

Touchless Automatic Hand...

JB 87-128-190

Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Regular price kr.299.00 -kr.100.00 Price kr.199.00

Glove Box and Wet Wipe...

JB 800-00-00

With "New HandsUp", the staff can finally see the sizes of the gloves that are always written out on the sides of the boxes!
Price kr.250.00