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Featured products

Drip stands, infusion stands, therapy lasers, charging towers, etc., and suspension solutions.

We aim to develop and deliver qualitative and flexible product programs for entire working environments in hospitals, clinics, etc. JB Medico was created to make a positive difference in the industry through the design and consultancy of hygienic suspension solutions.

Our customers include hospitals, laboratories, schools, leisure facilities, youth clubs, hotels and restaurants, vets, chiropractors, therapists, care homes, hospices, etc.

Suspension solutions:

Our hygienic suspension solutions are used, e.g. in the health sector and the food and pharmaceutical industry. We deliver e.g. to hospitals and clinics, by chiropractors, dentists, veterinarians, physiotherapists, schools and laboratories in Denmark and abroad.

Drop racks:

Our drop racks are some of the best drop racks on the market, and we have a myriad of solutions for equipment that must be attached to the drop racks. With a multi-hook, you can, for example, mount storage boxes, needle boxes, handles, wire baskets, holders for oxygen or gas and much more.

School stand/Electricity tower/charging tower:

With our electric tower with 8 meter extension cable and 15 plugs with ground, you can, for example, connect various AV equipment, laptops, mobile phones or power tools. This makes creating a work island or environment in areas without enough power sockets is easy and quick. They are used in schools, conference centres, exhibition stands, hotels, etc.

Therapy laser:

We also sell medically approved lasers from ENERGI-LASER to relieve muscle and joint pain. The laser changes the chemical structure of cells and tissues in ways that normal light can't. Laser light photons have properties that accelerate cell growth and healing processes. The absorbed energy is converted into free oxygen, stimulating respiration and increasing ATP production in the mitochondria. Treats, among other things like toothaches, tinnitus, arthritis, muscle pain, joint pain, wounds and tears. It can be used to treat both animals and humans.