JB Medico develops and improves hygiene in the health sector

Our hygiene products range widely, among other things:
Soap and alcohol dispenser. / Drip Tray. / Accessories Soap and alcohol dispenser. / Dispensers for gloves and wet wipes. / Surgery mask and mouth strap. / Dispenser for disposable items. / Disposables. / Face Mask. / Hand Sanitizer. / Sharp Container. / Wet wipes. / Medication Administration. / Sharp Container Holders
Delivery time, safety, quality, design, function and flexibility.

Made of necessity – designed to last.

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Soap and alcohol...

JB 06-21-30

Soap and alcohol dispenser for bottles, 14 cm arm, Elbow attendant
Price kr.85.00

Wet Wipe Wall Mount,...

JB 16-05-41-02

We can offer two types of suspension in acid-proof stainless steel for Wet Wipe Maxi Disinfecting and Universal Cloths in...
Price kr.200.00
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Drip Tray, Soap & Alcohol...

JB 71-72-51

Drip Tray, Soap & Alcohol Wire Dispensers Ø60 mm, in stainless steel Alcohol & Soap Dispenser, 1-litre Bags, 10 cm Arm
Price kr.85.00
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Soap and alcohol...

JB 06-21-40

Soap and alcohol dispenser for stand-back bottles, 10 cm arm.  Elbow attendant
Price kr.85.00
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  • -kr.24.00

Hand sanitiser 70% 1,000...

JB 901-70-1000

Hand sanitiser 70% 1,000 ml. bottle, REFILL with 1% glycerin
Regular price kr.52.00 -kr.24.00 Price kr.28.00

Multibracket with a...

JB 158-00-163

Multibracket with a T-slot bracket can be turned upside down, fit from 16-41 mm
Price kr.365.00
  • -kr.15.00

Hand Sanitiser 70% 500...

JB 901-70-500

Hand sanitiser 70% 500 ml. bottle, REFILL with 1% glycerin
Regular price kr.40.00 -kr.15.00 Price kr.25.00

Sharps Container, 1,7...

JB 31-521-70-01

This USON 1,7 litre Sharp Containers is designed for hospitals and health care institutions to dispose of syringes, scalpels...
Price kr.23.00

Cover and lock for wire...

JB 25-06-20

Cover and lock for Hand Sanitizer wire Dispenser in polished  or painted white stainless steel
Price kr.699.00

Wet Wipe Ethanol...


Wet Wipe Ethanol Disinfection 70% Mini Blue rolls are disposable wipes for disinfection processes and pre-cleaning of...
Price kr.49.50
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Soap and alcohol...

JB 06-21-50

Soap and alcohol dispenser for bottles, 6 cm arm, Stainless Steel
Price kr.85.00
  • -kr.100.00

Touchless Automatic Hand...

JB 87-128-190

Touchless Automatic Hand Sanitizer Dispenser
Regular price kr.299.00 -kr.100.00 Price kr.199.00

Glove Box and Wet Wipe...

JB 800-00-00

With "New HandsUp", the staff can finally see the sizes of the gloves that are always written out on the sides of the boxes!
Price kr.250.00

GCX-Accessory Mounts,...

JB 820-625-06

GCX-Accessory Mounts, rail bracket in aluminium with holes prepared for hanging
Price kr.250.00

Sharps Container, 11...

JB 31-535-11-01

Sharps Container, 11 litres, Uson, white, yellow lid, easy syringe detachment
Price kr.116.50