Wire baskets/ Cabel Clips

JB-Medico leads to a large selection of wire products.
They are made of stainless steel wire in a hygienic design. By default, we offer wire baskets for storing small items and conical baskets of different sizes (6 litres and 25 litres)

Designed so it works with the equipment at the hospitals e.g.
P/N JB 47-00-00 Wall bracket Aluminium P/N JB 120-00-00 Rail clamp with one ball claps and T-track P/N JB 146-00-00 Rail clamp with T-track EU DIN standard P/N JB 158-00-163 Multiclaw with a T-slot P/N JB 820-625-163 GCX-rail bracket with a T-slot

When purchasing the above bracket, you can attach it to:
1. IV-pole / IV-Stands  2. Medical Equipment Rails 3. Columns.
Wall, Syringe and anaesthesia tables, or Trolleys.

It can be installed without tools and washed and disinfected in the instrument dishwasher.