Hand Sanitizer

Both hand sanitiser and water and soap effectively remove the unwanted microorganisms you get on your hands during the day - so whether you choose to use one or the other depends on the situation. A hand sanitiser is practical when you are far from a washbasin, but you must know that water and soap must be used when visible dirt is on the hands because alcohol can not penetrate dirt properly. Hand sanitisers with alcohol (alcohol) are more effective against microorganisms than water and soap. Hand sanitiser with 70-85% alcohol concentration acts quickly on fungi, bacteria, and viruses.

How to clean your hands:
Apply approximately 3 ml. of hand sanitiser on dry hands without visible dirt. Rub the disinfectant on the palms, backs, wrists, fingertips, and between fingers. It is essential to keep for at least 30 seconds until your hands are dehydrated.

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