The school stand  can be delivered as standing or on wheels

School Stands, 12 connectors

School Stands, 12 connectors from Maxeta

The school stand can be delivered as standing or on wheels.
They are offered as standard with 12 electrical outlets divided into three sides, handle for cable winding, 10-meter wire.
Available with DK plug, schuko plug or other plugs.
The school stand is made of aluminium and therefore very stable and robust.

School Stands, Flexibility in classrooms, 12 connectors. 
The flexible solution for classrooms, mobile electric stands, can be set up to need electricity.

JB 275-050. On wheels, White, 12 connectors. 
JB 275-051 On wheels, Anodized, 12 connectors.
JB 275-052 Without wheels, White, 12 connectors.
JB 275-053 Without wheels Anodized, 12 connectors. 

The school stand can be supplied as standing or on wheels. 

The stand comes as a standard with 12 sockets distributed on 3 sides. 
Handle for cable reel. 
10-meter wire. 
Supplied with Schuko plugs. 

They are made of necessity – designed to last.

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