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Severo Swallowing gel, Tutti-frutti flavour, 1 litre

Difficulty Swallowing?
The expression that something is a hard pill to swallow isn’t just a metaphor.
Swallowing pills can be difficult, unpleasant and even downright painful for many people.

Some people have a natural aversion to swallowing pills, while others have physical issues affecting their ability to take oral medication.
The medical term for swallowing problems is dysphagia.

Approximately 22% of all adults above the age of 50 and up to 68% of residents in long-term care settings suffer from difficulty swallowing – a percentage growing larger with our ageing population.

The Severo Swallowing gel-
is developed in corporation with Food & Biobased Research of the reputable University of Wageningen.
To ease the intake of tablets, capsules and powders for this vulnerable group. Severo – quick and easy
The gel encapsulates the medication, allowing it to effortlessly pass the larynx while simultaneously masking the bitter taste of the medication.
After swallowing, the gel quickly dissolves in the stomach; this way, the efficacy and uptake of active ingredients are not being affected by the gel.
The practical bottle with a dosing pump makes it ideal for use at home or in any care facility.
Besides, the gel contains no sugar, alcohol or any common allergenic substances.

Severo Swallowing Gel
Eases the swallowing of tablets and powders
Quick passage of medication through the throat
Masks the bitter taste of medication
It does not negatively affect the working of the medication
Suitable for all patients
Free from sugar, lactose, alcohol, gluten and most other common allergenic substances
It saves time and effort.

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Lubricating Swallowing gel
1.000 ml.
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Severo Swallowing gel 1 litre, Tutti-frutti flavour

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