IV-Stands by JB Medico


All JB-Medico racks are manufactured in Denmark and are made of stainless steel, which can withstand a high load. Infusion racks are mounted on the market's best wheels, which are anti-static and meet all known hygiene requirements. Many models can be adjusted in height with the unique "One Hand" system that allows easy operation.

Hygiejne Center,...

JB 200-00-00

Kan hurig plasseres på afdelinger og steder hvor en ønsker at det skal benyttes udstyr. Specifikationer: H: 61,5mm, B: 90mm,...
Price kr5,900.00

IV Pole XXL, "One Hand"...

JB 332-2-321-216

Infusionsstativ ”One Hand” med buede ben, store hjul, buede lang søjle, 6 stærke lige kroge
Price kr4,900.00