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Waste School stands, hospital network cables, medical lighting

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Carelite LED - Ny generation

Carelite LED

Carelite LED - Ny generation. Stål arm med plastik dæksler. Skærm i aluminium. Leveres i hvid.
Price kr3,469.00

Circus LED

Circus LED

Circus LED. Circus LED has a highly flexible shade neck. Steel arm with aluminium head. Shade neck cover in rubber. Colours:...
Price kr4,318.00

KFM LED ESD, is developed...


Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! Steel arm, shade in aluminium. Colour: White with black details.
Price kr3,317.00

LFM LED G2 is a...


Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get quotes! LFM LED is a lightweight magnifier with an all-metal construction, LED light sources,...
Price kr1,843.00

LHH LED - Ny generation

LHH LED - Ny generation

The new LHH is a natural development of our original medical examination luminaire, which is in daily use by medical...
Price kr5,333.00

Magnifique II, is the...

Magnifique II

Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! Magnifique is the ideal tool for people with impaired vision. A very...
Price kr2,050.00

Multibracket with 2xØ6...

JB 158-03-18

Multibracket with 2xØ6 clearance holes. Fit from 16-41mm with fixing device, Ø18mm hole.
Price kr545.00

Ovelo - LED task light

Ovelo - Arbejdslampe

Minimum Sales: 10 pcs. to get promotional prices! This impressive task light will stand out in any office environment.
Price kr1,701.00

Rail Clamp, half model,...

JB 216-03-18

Rail Clamp, half model, locked using two socket screws with fixing device, Ø18 mm hole.
Price kr360.00

Rail clamp, magnifiers...

JB 339-00-16

Rail clamp, magnifiers examination lights, Ø16mm hole with plastic bush hole size Ø16mm. Aluminium (Natural) Specifications:...
Price kr268.00

Rail Clamp, wide model...

JB 207-03-20

Rail Clamp, wide model with two-ball clasp With Fixing device and brass bush, Ø20mm hole.
Price kr645.00