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Now your surroundings can see from a distance that you have been vaccinated against Covid 19 / Corona.

This facemask has a nice logo that shows: KEEP CALM

Can be used to advantage
Visits to nursing homes 
Hospitals Family visits 
Public transport 
Grocery stores

When buying the facemask, we support DKK 1 per mask sold to De Danske Hospital's Clowns.

It supports hospitalized children and their families - A safe hand to hold when life in the hospital hurts.

My sale 10 pcs.

This is the second version of our classic fabric mask, ultra-thick and soft mask 100% cotton, with wide and soft straps for the ears, adjusted in length. 
Tailored so that it fits well around the face and is more comfortable to wear for a longer period of time 3 thick layers of cotton, 1 extra layer/pocket where you can insert a PM 2.5 filter 
Must be washed at 60 degrees 
Do not use fabric softener.
Wash it before use 100% cotton (4 layers)
Can use PM 2.5 filter 
Not suitable for medical use 
WHO has long recommended the use of both disposable bandages and fabric mask. 
Some guidelines should be followed for proper use of sanitary napkins.

Proper use of fabric mask

Wash it often after use and avoid and use fabric softener and dryer.
Choose a bandage with comfortable straps for the ears; it must sit comfortably when you have to wear it for a long time.
Avoid and correct and move too much on it, and do so only after rubbing your hands off, to ensure you do not deposit bacteria from your hands on your mask.

Whether you use a bandage in fabric or disposable, there is a risk of infection, the better your handling and hygiene, the less likely you are to become infected.
If you use disposable mouthpieces, change them after use, use fabric and wash them after use.
After taking them to avoid touching them and rubbing your hands off often, JB-Medico adapts solutions to all clinical departments. 

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The vaccines against COVID-19 protect approx. 95% of the people who have been vaccinated twice, but it is not yet documented whether the vaccines protect the vaccinated person against carrying the infection further.

Therefore, it is still important that we follow good advice, even if you have been vaccinated: 
Keep taking care of each other.
Keep distance

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Made of necessity – designed to hold.


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